The following sites are absent from the GR ligand binding domain, thus they are good sites to introduce at either end for subcloneing

Sequence : hGRalpha lbf seq ( 1 > 833 ) 37 Enzymes Do Not Cut
Enzymes : 54 of 146 enzymes (Filtered)
Settings : Linear, Certain Sites Only, Standard Genetic Code

Acc I
Apa I
ApaL I
Ava II
Bal I
Bam HI
Bcl I
Bgl I
Bgl II
Dra I
EcoR V
Hae I
Hae II
Hind III
Hpa I
Hpa II
Kpn I
Mlu I
Nae I
Nar I
Nci I
Nco I
Not I
Nru I
Pvu I
Pvu II
Sal I
Sma I
SnaB I
Spe I
Sph I
Stu I
Xba I
Xho I
Xma I